Working with Plush Toy Worlds

An interview with producer Harry!

Date: 07/06/18

Here at Squideo, we like to showcase some of our favourite projects from time to time with the help of the team. Recently our video producer Harry made a video for one of our clients Plush Toy Worlds which involved the creation and animation of a custom character: an adorable teddy bear!

squideo apprentice producer harry

So you're just approaching your 8th month working at Squideo Harry, how are you finding the role?

H: I'm really enjoying my role just as much, if not more, than when I first joined!

Tell us a bit about the video.

H: The video was for a company called Plush Toy Worlds; they sell a wide range of plush toys like teddy bears and stuffed animals. The video explains their services and how they donate money to children's hospitals from their sales.

What's the step-by-step process of going about making something like Plush Toy Worlds?

H: The first thing they wanted was an animated bear in the video, so we created the bear and got their opinion; once approved I started to animate it. The animation of the bear was fairly complex (lots of keyframes and getting the timing just right) and custom backgrounds also had to be created to include shelves of stuffed animals.

How long did it take for you to produce this video?

H: A day.

Is this type of animation something you're looking to do more regularly in future videos?

H: Definitely! I enjoy animating the bespoke characters and having a bit more control over how they look and how they move.