Work Experience Video Project

Lileigh's Video Idea Brought to Life!

Date: 04/04/19

My Animation - Stranded in Time!

When I first heard the idea about me creating my own animation, I was super excited! I’ve never really designed or created my own animation before, so I was looking forward to the new experiences and skills that I would be learning.

The first step in the journey to creating my animation was coming up with an idea. One of the ideas that I decided on was that it could be about my first day of work experience and my favourite suggestion was to make it as crazy as possible because who doesn’t like to unleash their inner craziness?! I combined these suggestions to create a plot that involved myself, a stuffed alligator (more about that later) and time travel, because who seriously doesn’t like time travel!

After I had come up with the plot, it was time to write the script. It consisted of around 200 words (the original plan was around 75!) and I had a lot of fun writing this because it included humour, a bit of adventure and a talking stuffed alligator in a platinum blonde toupee(I did say I would mention more about the stuffed alligator) so I think I can safely say I fulfilled the ‘crazy’ requirement! I enjoyed this stage because I got to be creative and make up my own little story, and I was free to incorporate my inner craziness, which was great! Once I had finished writing the script, it was time to split it into different scenes in preparation for the storyboard (I couldn’t wait for this bit!). I split the script into 12 scenes and added a visual description for each, which would make designing the storyboard a lot easier.

Next, it was time for the storyboard, (I was really looking forward to this bit). I had my 12 scenes, complete with visual description and neat little boxes above it, where I would draw what would be happening in each scene. I had so much fun in this stage (too much, probably…) because I loved making the ideas in my head become a reality *cough cough* the alligator *cough cough* and I love drawing and creating characters both completely bonkers *cough* alligator *cough* and slightly “normal” too, so this was a really fun task!


Now that the storyboard was complete, it was voiceover time. I was going to do the voiceover, which would be used in the animation, and this entailed me reading the script in a voice 17 times more enthusiastic than my normal one and doing different voices for the different characters. My favourite voice was definitely the alligator because it was so unexpected and made me laugh as I had no idea that I was capable of a voice that sounded like that! (It sounded vaguely like David Attenborough for some reason…). This was a fun stage too as when you create the different voices for the different characters, it helps to bring them to life and this was also a new experience for me, as I’d never done any voiceovers before. Also, the voiceover was edited, so now there’s background music and sound effects, which made it 50 times cooler! I can’t wait to do the animations and I’m super excited to see the final product!

The final stage was animating the characters and making the storyboard come to life. This part was really fun, as we added some extra features to the alligator (red cowboy boots…) and we found the perfect toupee! We also found some different facial expressions for my character, so she can glare angrily at the alligator, and plenty of sparkles for the platinum blonde toupee. We also found some different backgrounds for the different scenes (both past and present) which would compliment the character’s movements and speech. Probably the most interesting part was controlling the character’s movement because it’s an important stage in making the characters come to life, and I learnt lots of new skills during this process. It’s so cool seeing the animations combine with the voiceover, background music and sound effects and I’ve learnt lots about the animation process as well.

Once all of the animating had been completed, it was time to see the final product, and it was absolutely brilliant! The sound and voiceover flowed smoothly and the animations really brought the characters to life (especially the alligator!). It’s completely bonkers, but it will put a smile on anyone’s face. Thankyou Squideo, as this has been a great experience and I will forever remember the alligator as the best character I have ever created!