Why Should You Invest in a Video Thumbnail?

An engaging thumbnail sets your video apart from the rest – especially on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Date: 17/09/19

Really want to help your video stand out from the crowd online? A thumbnail is definitely for you. A thumbnail is essentially the cover for your video and acts as an image that sits on top of your video to entice your audience to click. An engaging thumbnail sets your video apart from the rest – especially on platforms such as Facebook & YouTube.

What are video thumbnails?

A video thumbnail is the first thing that viewers will see in most circumstances. Statistics have proven that having a thumbnail will increase video views by well over 50 percent. When searching on Google or other search engines, a thumbnail will be the first thing to catch a potential viewers attention.

Why are video thumbnails important?

Our creative team are experts in creating thumbnail art that encourages clicks, looks professional and hints at the content the viewer is to expect, ensuring they click to watch your video.

How effective a thumbnail is, is based on a few things. The first of which, being how colourful and bright the image is. Secondly, it’s all about how relevant the image is. Thirdly, it’s all about the actual size, structure and layout of the piece. You want your thumbnail to accurately represent your content. That way, the viewer knows that they found exactly what they were looking for. They won’t feel like they wasted their time looking for an watching your video, with this you are less likely to receive bad reviews or ratings. Here at Squideo we understand exactly what it takes to create the ideal video thumbnail suited to your message, brand and tone.

How to make a video thumbnail?

Your thumbnail should not only grab the attention of your viewers, but it should also directly represent what your video and message is all about. Your video thumbnail can be the deciding factor as to whether a potential customer will click or skip to another video. We always recommend that our clients make their thumbnail a priority when creating an explainer video. Our video producers have created hundreds of thumbnails and always ensure that they research into your target audience, goals and messaging before crafting the perfect thumbnail for your video.

Design, research and creativity are the key elements of what makes up the perfect cover image for an engaging and effective video. It is the bait on the fishing rod that hooks audiences to watch your video and ultimately take action. Consider a thumbnail with Squideo for you next animated video project. We want to make sure that your video lives up to its full potential and produces the desired results for you and your business.