Why should you use video animation as a training tool?

Here's why video animation is a beneficial way to train employees

Date: 19/02/19


Tired of the monotonous employee handbook walk through that you’ve been stuck doing with every new hire for years now? Or maybe HQ have created a live-action training video they require you to show to each new employee. Either way, that poor new guy is probably struggling to stay awake through either of these sleep-inducing options.

Give your new hire a training experience that benefits both them and the company. Studies have shown that by using animated videos during the training process the new employee is at least six times more likely to retain the information and perform better on the job.

Consider the number of children over the past few decades who have sat hypnotized in front of a television screen watching cartoons (animated videos). Those children could probably recall the events from those shows significantly better than they could any of the information they were taught in class by their teacher.

It’s a well-known fact that an animated video will hold the attention of the viewer monumentally better than any sort of live-action informational video, no matter what age you are. Not only that but you, as the employer, may find it easier to get the main points across clearly and concisely using an animated video for training purposes.

There are several avenues of training that you could utilise animated videos in. Whether it be on-boarding the new employee to the company on their first day, training them on how to use certain technology within the company, or even teaching them certain safety protocols that are in place.


Animated on-boarding videos can serve to make the new hire feel welcome to their new position, as well and allow them to become familiar with the new environment. In this video, you can cover a wide range of topics, such as an introduction to what your company’s mission and values are, important policies, and even work appropriate behavior.

In today’s world, it is highly unlikely that there would be absolutely no technology or machinery involved in your company’s day to day happenings. An animated video can get the main points of your company’s tech and gadgets across so much better, as it can shed some light on some of the more complex processes involved much more easily. Safety is a top priority in any work environment. This area of training should never be taken lightly.


Safety measures should be explained in the most understandable of ways. A live action video or image slide show may get the point across, but with an animated video, you could create a scenario on a safety protocol to better demonstrate expectations. If your goal as a company is to have highly trained employees and not waste time using training methods that aren’t providing such results, it may be time that you switch to using animated videos to thoroughly train your new employees.

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