Why Subtitles Are Such a Great Idea

How Using Subtitles Can Help Your Video Soar

Date: 02/10/19

Here at Squideo we have a simple subtitling process to ensure you achieve the highest engagement levels possible. Subtitles offer an array of benefits as many web users now watch their videos without sound, so subtitles increase comprehension, keep your audience engaged and allow your video to appeal to a wider audience.

Why are subtitles important?

Viewers would be more likely to watch a video if they could get the full effect without the sound on. This is especially true if the viewer is deaf or hard hearing, or if the user is in a public place where they cannot play sound. If you're on a busy train, scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, the last thing you want is your phone or iPad on loudly, disturbing others. Which is why subtitles are the perfect solution to advertising on social media.


Will subtitles affect my website’s SEO?

Adding subtitles to your video can positively affect your on-page SEO in many ways. Depending on where the video is hosted and the video’s purpose, there are different solutions to improving your page rank. Google can’t see keywords in videos, but instead refer to a hidden subtitle text file, allowing you to rank for targeted keywords which have been included in the subtitled content. If hosting the video on your own website, simply upload subtitle text file alongside your video to reap the benefits.

If you are unable to host the video file itself on your own website, you can embed a video via third party hosting (such as YouTube) and include a written transcript within your web page copy, again, allowing you to rank for certain keywords.

Third party hosting means the video add SEO value to your own website, but by having a video on your website, the user’s actions become your SEO tool.

With increased time on page, reduced bounce rate, receiving links to your site due to good content and high site speed, Google will favour pages featuring video over your competitors, as these indicate you have relevant and user-friendly content on your site.

Subtitles can increase viewer rates if the video is unable to be viewed with sound, meaning the viewer doesn’t miss out on the core message of your video.


What about different languages?

Another benefit of having subtitles is that it can break the language barrier, because you can have subtitles translated into an unlimited number of languages, this is also beneficial for the population of people who have problems with their hearing.

With Squideo’s subtitling service, you will receive two versions of your video, one with subtitles and one without. This will ensure you get the most engagement from your video giving you optimum results.