Where is Video Marketing Heading in 2019?

How do we keep video relevant and popular in 2019? Here are our thoughts...

Date: 04/03/19

Trends come and go, some as quickly as they arrive, but one trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is video. The use of videos in marketing tactics has been a total game changer in recent years. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to determining how successful video marketing has become.


A number of websites have reported 65%-70% increase in shares of their marketing videos ads. These same businesses also report their conversion rates climbing drastically at the same time. Forbes, for instance, claims that 65% of their web sites visitors are big business executives. And of that 65%, 39% of those executives end up calling a featured vendor after viewing their video.

Now, this shows that video WORKS. But where is it heading? How do we keep video relevant and consequently popular? Well, here’s where we think video marketing is heading in 2019:

Live Videos:

Live videos are a growing trend on all social media platforms who support such a feature. It’s been proven that broadcasting a live video. Live videos not only draw attention to larger crowds they also hold their attention far longer than prerecorded videos (which is why we like to keep our animated videos under a minute of course ;)). Unlike with a prerecorded video, you cannot fast forward through and skip past the parts that you may be less interested in. Viewers are more likely to stick around to continue to see what will come up next in the live video.


Video blogging (“vlogging”) is also taking the content market by storm. Regular blogging has been around for a long time and continues to be extremely popular. On that same note, older, well-seasoned bloggers are seeing this rise in the prominence of video use and are switching gears to keep up with the times. A smart marketer knows how to adapt to the new, upcoming trends as well as hold on to their roots. This is why many bloggers integrate videos into their websites rather than dropping their text posts altogether.


Training Videos:

Videos are becoming more and more utilised in job training as well as education. With the constant improvement and advancements being made on video uses, career fields across the spectrum are using videos to train new employees more and more. As technology is becoming more prominently used in all fields, training is becoming more and more rigorous and focused. Having a video available for job training ensures that a standard is being met and all new employees are receiving the same, in-depth training as one another. This eliminates the variation in how one employee works compared to another.

Vertical Videos:

Vertical video is becoming more and more popular and we predict that video animation and production companies (just like us), will begin to offer vertical video as one of their products. Vertical videos are IDEAL for social media marketers who want to keep up with video trends, particularly on Instagram. These can be added to Instagram and Facebook stories, and for people watching on mobile, this means they no longer need to turn their phone around simply to view your video as it is already the perfect spec. We’re excited to see where vertical videos go in 2019.

There’s no denying that video marketing has made its presence well known in 2019. The facts are clear, this trend is solid and won’t be going anywhere but up in 2019. Jump on the bandwagon and utilise video marketing while it's hot and watch how it positively affects your shares and conversion rates in 2019. 

(Source used: https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/video-marketing-in-2019-infographic)