Why You Should Be Using Video Within Email Campaigns

There are several reasons why you should including video in your emails, here they are!

Date: 11/06/19

Why You Should Be Using Video Within Email Campaigns


Do you ever feel like the email campaigns that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into aren’t being well received? Maybe your open rates aren’t up to scratch, or the response just isn’t what you expected. If so, it might just be time for you to ramp up your email game by adding videos into your emails. There are several reasons why you should have been doing this and we’re here to give you the low-down!

Thanks to coding upgrades, recipients can now play the video within their email; rather than clicking on a hyperlink that takes them to a new tab. This convenience has taken video email even one step further, as far as appeal and interaction rates go. The less steps your audience needs to take to get to the main message that you are trying to get across, the more likely they are to follow through with watching the entire video.        

On that same note of convenience, your audience will be more likely to take in all that your email has to offer if they can watch and listen to your message, rather than reading through a lengthy paragraph of text. Not to say your emails aren’t well written and worth reading, but this is just how the world seems to be operating these days. Being adaptable to the changes of your audience is a key factor in becoming a successful online marketer.

As have mentioned in previous articles, it has been shown that videos are highly effective at increasing conversion rates. We know that using videos on your website and social media are highly effective. By sending them in your email campaign you are doing the work for your audience, by providing them with direct access to your informative, engaging video. Your video is being sent directly to your audience, where they can view it on their computer, tablet, or even their mobile phone.

You already know that your videos are well worth watching. Delivering them straight into your audience’s hands not only takes away half of the work for them, It also gives them even more reason to go to your website and check out the rest of your content, as well as continue to keep up with new content and products. Video emails fast track your audience to visit your website. Instead of them aimlessly searching the internet for the product that is right for them – you can bring that product or service right to them in their email. Written words aren’t enough to convince a potential client.

A video could mean the difference between a potential client deleting an email before even reading through it and taking action/making an enquiry. Video emails hold infinite potential in the world of online marketing. Only so many words exist in the world, to be written out to talk about a business or a product. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating videos for email campaigns.

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