Using Subtitles to Gain Views

How to utilise subtitles within your video advert

Date: 06/06/18

image still of video with subtitles


The rise of video content out there on social media has risen dramatically in the past year alone never mind the last 5 years, however the attention span of users has come at the cost of this rapid increase in content consumption. The reality is there’s far too much stuff out there for everyone to digest, many users don’t turn on audio and with up to 85% of Facebook videos being watched on mute this adds that extra layer of complexity into your ROI.


That’s where adding subtitles come in.


Subtitled videos have become increasingly popular online across social media with viewers; they can be selective & bold key words or short sentences to grab the users’ attention and is the key to retaining a longer session from potential prospects. Having captioned videos as part of your company’s digital marketing strategy in turn can rank the post higher than non-captioned videos as users are 11% more likely to view the content and generate 28% higher completion rates.


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