Make a splash in the property sector

Are you an estate agent looking to boost your sales? Look no further!

Date: 09/01/19

Property is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses in the world today. The opportunities in this business are limitless - however, the industry is very competitive. This is because of the influx of estate agents joining the industry on daily basis. However, despite this intense competition, you still can distinguish yourself by doing things differently.

Staying on top of your marketing strategy is a key component of your success online - the best ways to achieve this is by developing unique video content for your property business.

Thanks to technological advancement, gone are those days when estate agents tour the street just to look for clients/buyers of their properties. In today’s real estate world, the sales trophy goes to the smart guys not the hardworking ones.

Videos are powerful sales and promotional tools used by estate agents to reach their target audience around the world. The best way to be smart about promoting your business online is by using SEO to optimise your video content to reach a larger audience from the comfort of your home or office.

Some of the videos estate agents can use to market their properties are;

Property Tours: This is a very important and attractive marketing and promotional strategy that estate agents can use to get more sales. It involves making attractive videos of the property you are selling and upload them online. These videos should contain the beautiful sitting room, kitchen, patios, bathroom and other impressive areas around the property. Videos like this will always persuade your potential buyers to make purchase.

Local area tour: Estate agents can also make videos of the area in which the property they are selling is located. This could motivate or convince the potential buyer to make the purchase. The local area tour can include interesting landmark, public place, cafes, shops, attraction, amenities etc. This will enable your potential clients to decide whether to buy or rent in the area.

Client’s Testimonial: You can also use the testimonial of a client who has bought a property from you or somebody who you sold property for. Their positive remarks about your business and services can go a long way in improving your chances of more sales. A client testimonial can either make or mar your real estate business. Therefore, it is advisable to satisfy your clients very well so that they can convince other people to do business with you.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions: This is another video that will attract people to your real estate business. There are several real estate related questions and puzzles that are left unanswered. As a real estate agent, if you can create a video answering some of the most asked real estate questions and queries, you will attract more customers. This means more sales will be made with little or no effort.

 All of these video content ideas can be paired with stunning animation to capture the attention of your audience and truly reflect your message. Check out this video below!

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