The Benefits of Character-Led Explainer Videos

Here's why we believe characters are an integral part of creating an impactful video animation

Date: 28/05/19


The Benefits of Character-Led Explainer Videos

Character-led video animations used for online marketing are insanely effective for boosting conversions. But why is this? Well, there are several reasons why character led animated videos do so well in the online marketing world. Squideo are here to explain the importance of character led animated videos, so here goes!

Freedom to create relatable characters:


The beautiful thing about using an animated character in your video campaigns is that you have the power to make that character look and act however you wish. Unlike live action videos, your animated character can transform from one character in one scene to something totally different in the next.

Rather than having to invest in different costumes, sets and scenes - your animated character can be transformed right before your eyes for just a fraction of the cost. Having the freedom to manipulate how your character acts, looks and behaves with minimal effort is just one of the many benefits of character led video animations.

Adding humour to your video:


Having an animated character lead your marketing video makes adding a touch of humour to your video that much easier. With animated characters, you can set the stage for a fun, out-of-the-box scenario that will make your product or business stand out from the rest.

Anything is possible in the world of video animation, so there really are no boundaries when you begin to create a character led animated marketing video. Although serious, direct marketing videos may get your point across effectively, your audience is much more likely to remember a humorous video that stands out from all the rest.

Creating a connection with your audience:


More often than not, our actions are driven by an emotional trigger. So, if you want your audience to respond to your video by acting and buying your product, you’re going to need make them feel something. Whether that feeling is sadness, relief or joy – following a relatable animated character through a scenario and witnessing your product/service being the solution is a sure-fire way to have people invest in your brand, and consequently your product. Let your target audience know that you know they’re out there, by creating a character that they can relate to.

Having a character led animated video brings so many new possibilities to the table for your company and its online marketing tactics. Make your audience laugh, cry, or even just smile a lot.

Why wait? Invest in bespoke, personalised characters with Squideo today. View some examples over on on portfolio page or get a quote today!