Squideo supporting #PrideinHull

Pride in Hull - supporting equality and diversity in our home town.

Date: 20/07/18

squideo logo with pride colours

Pride in Hull - supporting equality and diversity in our home town.

At Squideo, we promote an equality-filled work environment. We believe that everybody should feel safe to express themselves, their sexuality and their beliefs in the workplace, which is why this month, we are supporting Hull Pride by changing our logo and branding to reflect the LGBTQ colours. 

pride parade in Hull city centre


What is pride?

LGBTQ Pride is a celebration of diversity, promoting a positive stance on the opposition of discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals across the world.

Pride is an event that takes place across the world, celebrating sexual diversity and gender differences and ultimately, acceptance.


When are Pride events held?

Pride events are typically held during LGBTQ Pride Month. Some pride events include LGBTQ pride parades and marches, dance parties, and large festivals.

pride in Hull logoPride in Hull

Pride in Hull is a registered non-for-profit charity, which has been run entirely by volunteers for almost 15 years.

In 2017 pride in Hull was the cornerstone of Hull UK City of culture 2017’s LGBT50 programme with more than 88% of the audience rating the event as 8/10 or above. The Arts Council England officially found that LGBT50 was one of the most ‘important’ events of 2017.

This year’s Pride in Hull will take place in Queens Gardens in the city centre on the 21/07/2018.

global pride parade