Why You Should be Using Short Video Ads on Social Media

Date: 16/07/19

Why You Should be Using Short Video Ads on Social Media


As attention spans continue to shrink, so should the length of video ads. Although it may be somewhat of a hassle to try and keep up with these ever-changing marketing trends, there are plenty of great benefits that come with using short video ads on social media; other than accommodating for shorter attention spans.

Let’s explore those benefits…

Short, Sweet and to the Point

For as much time people spend on social media on a daily basis, they’re speeding through one newsfeed after the next. Thumbing through until something happens to catch their eye. This is where your short video ad comes in!

Grab your audience’s attention with a short, eye-catching video that delivers your message with a big impact. If you’re just giving them a taste of what you have to offer, via social media, if they like what they see it’s more likely they will take the steps to look further into you and your brand.

Plus, you can add an eye-catching thumbnail to your video, making it even more ‘clickable’.

Check out this video we created for BonBonVille - super snappy and informative.

Leaving Breadcrumbs

Hear us out on this one… When it comes to creating short video ads for social media, you could look at it like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for your audience. A trail that will ultimately lead them to your long-form videos or your business website with the intention to make a purchase.

Consider creating a series, perhaps chronologically or simply something with an interesting story-line within your short video ads. This will leave your audience searching for the next video to see what comes next in the story.

Emphasise the Big Points

Your short video ads on social media don’t always need to provide entirely new information to your audience. You can utilize short videos to emphasize or elaborate on one point from one of your longer video ads that you’ve run previously.

Keeping in mind that sound is not always an option for those who are scrolling through social media, making your visuals and the message very impactful is important. If you are successful in doing this, you can rest assured that your message stuck and will resonate with them for some time.


Short video ads are perfect for debuting a sneak peek at a new product or service that you have plans to launch. By giving your audience a small taste of something new and exciting that you have up your sleeve, you can hook them in and have them on the edge of their seat until your product is available.

If your short teaser ads can make a significant impact on your audience, it is very likely they will share your short video with others on social media or begin tagging their friends. People like nothing more than to spread the news of new and exciting products and services.

As attention spans continue to shrink for social media users, your video marketing strategy should accommodate this, in order to have the greatest impact on your audience. Being adaptable is a huge part of being a successful online marketer so be sure to bare this in mind when planning your next video project.

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