Promote Your Product Using Smart, Animated Video.

Product Videos Don't Have to Be Dull, Excite Your Audience with a Unique Animated Video!

Date: 27/09/19

Product videos for marketing are a fantastic way of promoting all the benefits of a new product. Easily shareable around the web and useful offline too, a product demo video does the selling for you. We work with you to make sure the videos we produce don’t just effectively explain your product, they also market and grow your brand.

What makes a good product video?

Whether you are looking to advertise your new protein range; showcase your new peice of tech or exhibit your latest range of fashion items, animation can help bring any static item to life in a innovative and eye-catching way. As you will see in our animations featured above, you should provide us with the highest quality images of your products you possess so we can feature these in the video. Looking to bring a new dimension to your product video? Cool, we can create an animated version of your product! Below is a video we created for to promote one of their awesome Smart Bars.

Marketing your product through video adds a whole new dimension to your product as you can show not only images of your content - you can add text; a professional voice-over; sound effects as well as cool transitions. A great product video should not only be eye-catching, it should be informative. It's very likely that your clients will be searching for information about your products, so having a useful video ready for them to digest is a great way to not only deliver your message, but is also a great way to build a sense of trust with your client.