Personalise your brand using our top 4 tips

Squideo's top tips to help your deliver a more personable brand to your followers

Date: 28/01/19

Learn to personalise your brand with Squideo

Your brand is an extremely important part of your business as not only is it the face of your business, it is also what makes you unique. However, your marketing techniques are also equally as important as establishing your brand. In fact, branding and marketing go hand in hand, so no matter the size or age of your business, ensuring these two factors are of the highest standard should be at the very top of your priority list.

There are several ways to make your business stand out using more personalised marketing techniques and some of them are outlined below:

1. Create personal relationships with your clients and followers

Big brands like Netflix and Amazon Prime have been very successful in this aspect, as they try to create experiences tailored specifically to suit each, individual user. Creating personal relationships helps you to understand the need of your individual audience and consequently, deliver a better service. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your clients and even your social media followers before, during and after delivering your service, even if it’s just a welcome message or a quick hello!

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Many brands are now taking the ‘personality before sales’ approach to SMM and it is proving to be a very effective approach. After all, social media is all about being social, and that does involve connecting with your followers, sharing information they can interact with, and producing engaging, relevant content. Here are a couple of examples of tweets posted by some big names that demonstrate this fresh marketing approach:

If you believe your business is a little too corporate for this approach to SMM, you could always put out a series of marketing or explainer videos which will help you effectively kick-start a tangible dialogue with your targeted audience, rather than a comedic tweet or post

3. Consistency across all platforms

Consistency is very important when it comes to branding. So, whatever route you chose to go down when it comes to marketing your business, be sure to keep everything consistent across the range of channels you will use. For example, if you appear extremely corporate on LinkedIn, don’t then go sharing images of baby sloths on unicycles with your Instagram followers – this is likely to confuse viewers and reduces your reputability as a brand. By keeping things consistent, you will make it very easy for an audience to identify with your brand.

4. Invest in video marketing

Have you ever wondered why most of your competitors are beginning to use explainer video productions more than ever? Well, whether you have noticed or not, video marketing is the new ‘trend’, and in recent years, many businesses have chosen to invest in animated marketing videos in order to personalise their brand. This because brands can successfully create an emotional attachment to their viewer using video. Not only are videos engaging to watch, they have a way of conveying certain emotions to the viewer in a way that text cannot. The key to this is ensuring you have a great storyline that is consistent throughout your video.

We hope you enjoyed Squideo’s top 4 tips for creating the ultimate, personalised brand.