Optimising your video for SEO

Follow these tips to optimise your website and expose your business to the world!

Date: 19/03/18


Business owners in the 21st century spend less on advertising and promotional activities for their business; this is due to the emergence of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engine Optimisation has to do with making your web pages attractive to search engine. A website that is well optimized for SEO will attract more traffic, leading to more exposure of your business to the outside world. Tech experts and internet gurus believe the best way to optimize your website is through video content… so you definitely can’t argue with that!

The truth is that if your business is not into any form of video content campaign, you are lagging behind. Having good video content is just the beginning, optimising the content for search engine is the ultimate goal.

Video content is gaining widespread acceptance as adding SEO to your video content will improve your website ranking on Google search result which will lead to increase in traffic to your website.

As a business owner, you may not have the basic knowledge for SEO keywords and title tag. However, the following tips will guide you on how to produce Video contents for SEO.

Relevant Content: As much as it is important to optimise your video content for search engine; your content must be relevant. Ensure that the video content represents your brand and try to offer solutions to trending issues in the industry. Relevant, informative and educative content will naturally attract more visitors to your website. When your video is of high quality, engaging and valuable to your audience, you will definitely have more and increased, organic traffic.

Host Video to Your Own Website: The mistake most people make is that they host their videos on other websites/domains. Since the essence of the video content is to attract more organic traffic to your website, you should host your business video on the website. Once visitors start coming to your domain because of your video content, you are exposing your business to the outside world.

Focus on mobile optimization: Mobile optimisation is the central focus of SEO. In other words, your SEO campaign is as good as useless without a mobile optimisation. What mobile optimisation means is that ensuring that your website and video player is responsive to mobile viewing. Also, try and publish your video content on other platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms that are mobile friendly.

Add Caption to your video: There are several videos on the internet, a good caption paired with your awesome video will make search engine recognise your website. This will make your website well ranked whenever information relating to the caption is searched on Google or other search engines.

Create a video sitemap: Another way to optimise your video for the search engine is by creating a video sitemap. This provides all the vital information about your video content. The search engine will then use the information provided to have a clearer pictures about the context of your video.

Optimising your video for SEO is a trend in the 21st century business environment. Follow these tips to optimise your website and expose your business to the world!