No conversions? No problem!

Get ahead with video marketing and turn those website hits into sales

Date: 21/05/18

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In 2018, it is generally accepted that most people would rather watch a movie than read the book it is based on, right? This same concept applies to digital media too. Video is an entertaining and informative way of engaging people with content that they love, unlike text, which is often skipped over or ignored completely.

That’s why it is SO strange to us that many businesses; small and medium scale especially; do not leverage on the importance of videos to improve the result of their online presence and marketing. Videos generally, capture attention better than text can, and since people can’t really skim videos like they do reading, then people are likely to watch the entire video if it is interesting and engaging.

The demand for videos by consumers is growing daily. A study by Animoto Survey found that four times as many consumers would rather watch a product than read about the product. Also recently, Facebook announced that about 8 billion people watch videos on the Facebook channel daily.

The use of video in online marketing to gain more customers continues to grow as is evidenced by the stats published by YouTube, showing millions of new subscriptions occurring every day. It showed that the number of new subscription increased by more than 4 times compared to the subscription of last year. It was even discovered that over 6 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube. That equals to an hour for every person on earth and more than 50% of the total viewing hours than last year. But with more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute it is easy for your video to get unnoticed and subsequently harder to land customers through video.

Here are few tips that you can leverage on to get customers to land on your website through video:

Simplify complicated topics

Creating marketing contents before now mostly focused on writing. And regardless of how creative a writer you are, writing has its own limitations. Writing is great when explaining straight forward concepts. But when explaining complicated concepts, writing tends to be more difficult and complex which defeats the overall purpose of marketing – which is to keep the viewer interested! For example - Imagine you are writing about how to change the tyre on a car. How many words do you think it would take to explain how to safely prop up the car, jack the car, loosen the bolts and replace the tyre and complete the rest of the procedure? You guessed right, it would take a few hundred or even thousand words to do so. However, video gives you a chance to detail the process within a minute or two. Viewers can see and hear exactly how to prop up the car, jack the car, and follow or the other procedure in replacing the tyre of the car. So, not only do videos helps your customers get your information quicker, they also provide a practical way to demonstrate how your brand can be of value to them.

Products are seen in action

There are many factors that would hinder customers landing on your website through videos. And one of the big ones is that customers do not see how the product would be able to add value to them. Customers are often unsure about how a product will actually look, feel and be able to solve their issues in real life, therefore they avoid making that all important sale. Your customers want to know if the product looks like the picture, how to set up the product, and the main features of the product are. All of which can be seen and answered in a video, making customers want to invest in YOU and your product.

Make video content valuable

It’s pretty frustrating when you realise you wasted your time and data watching a few minutes long video that tells you nothing or does nothing to solve any problem you may have. A low quality video or a generic branded video would not do much to help you get customers to your website. Making sure your video is of the highest quality with valuable content is therefore one of our top tips of driving people to your site and keeping them there.

Include your video in SEO efforts

It is hard for potential customers to land on your website through your video if they do not know that your website exists. Do not forget to submit your video site-maps to your search engine. The search engine would recognise the content of the video and rank it in search results and would in turn help get customers to your website when they watch your videos.

Take time and effort into working on all these tips when considering how to get customers to land on your website through video. If you do, you will begin to experience the many positive impact videos can have in helping you turn conversions into sales. And of course, this doesn’t end here. You can consistently seek new ways to improve results by gaining more knowledge about video analytics and video marketing and tweaking your contents to achieve greater results.