Isometric Videos - The Rundown

Isometric is something we’ve been dipping our feet into. Here's a look at how we do it!

Date: 29/04/19


"It looks like the Sims, but in video format. And it’s like 3D, except it’s not. Let’s just say it’s 2.5D" - Tom, Video Producer at Squideo.

Isometric is something we’ve been dipping our feet into the video production pool for almost a year now, having completed about 15 jobs related to the style in some respect because it’s as new for us as it is for our clients. We’re still taking baby steps with it, but we’re getting better at what we can accomplish with the style. It’s quite a time-consuming process to create everything from scratch as our animation library currently doesn’t cater to our needs to quickly drop in pre-animated assets at this moment in time but we have plans to grow it as the demand for isometric increases. Isometric is making a normal 2D element appear 3D by having a sort of top down view on the object/scene in question where you can see three dimensions (the top, left side and right side) but at the end of the day it’s still just a two-dimensional image. Our most recent job involved the creation of an entire city as well as a high rise building with multiple floors containing different offices & people inside.


This whole video took 4 days to make with much consideration needed to figure out how the camera would zoom into the city, how it would scroll up the main building all whilst trying to include other separate scenes (the inside of the offices) for each floor. To save time, not all floors where focused on and the camera would move up the tower a couple floors at a time in keeping with the flow of the video. Making the UI (user interface) panel on the right was the easiest task to do and only took a morning to fully complete. I learnt a lot from this whole process and if I had a similar job on the scale of this size in the future, I’d absolutely feel more confident at completing it in a more efficient timeframe and manner!

Baby steps. Check out the full video below!