How to Use Your Video Animation for Your Business

Utilise video animation within your marketing strategy

Date: 16/01/19


In today’s fast-paced society, technology has made its way into nearly everything we do. As a business owner, this technological boom can be a real benefit when utilised appropriately for marketing purposes. Video is just one of the ways in which businesses can benefit from the boom in tech. In this article, we will explore the ways in which video animation can be used to your advantage in business.

Even though many old-school marketing tactics may be becoming obsolete, including printed leaflets and flyers, the foundation upon which most marketing strategies are based are not obsolete. “AIDA” (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), is one of the most basic and effective marketing formulas. If your marketing strategy includes this formula, you already have the basic formula for success in place. What’s so great about this formula? Well, it can be easily applied when using animated videos to promote your business.

 The benefits of using video are vast, but one thing is clear - by applying video to their marketing strategy, business owners can stay current with technological advancements AND effectively market their business to the general public in a new, exciting way. For example, animated video can be used on website homepages to build a sense of trust with potential customers, on social media to boost brand awareness, for training purposes, and even in email campaigns to draw their customer's attention even more so.


Let’s be honest here: most people nowadays would much rather watch a video explaining how to do/use something, rather than taking the time to read a lengthy landing page post on a website. But of course, that doesn’t speak for everybody. Animated videos can appeal to both watchers or readers effectively, as animated video can also include words along with visuals to pique the interest of the consumer. This is particularly effective if the video is going to be displayed somewhere without sound, or in order to aid those who have impaired hearing.

Maybe you want to give your customers a quick rundown about what your company does or the history of how it came to be. An explainer video is the absolute perfect solution. As children, we can all relate to being mesmerized by cartoon videos that told us a story, from Disney princesses through to Christmas adverts, you can count on this type of video animation to pique the attention of current or potential customers.


Some tips when choosing to implement a storytelling/explainer video animation are to try and reach out to the emotional side of your target audience using a deep, meaningful story-line - as well as engaging their senses through visually stimulating, quality animation. Just be sure to stay on track when telling your story, giving them the most important points that you want to stick in their minds.

Your customers may already know exactly what it is they need from you, and that may be instructions on how to assemble a piece of furniture or tackle a specific computer programme. Tutorial videos are one of the most searched types of videos on the internet. With the whole world wide web at our disposal, humans can never say we didn’t have the means to figure out how to complete a particular task. Not only can tutorial videos tell you how to construct an item, but also how it works. Both of which are just as important as the other. Tutorial animated videos are basically an instruction manual that walks you through the process and includes animations to provide even further understanding as well as continuing to build trust with your viewers – building up a rapport between you and your customers.

Product demo animated videos are also a vital type of video animation in the world of marketing. Some customers may stumble upon your product through word of mouth or just pure luck while surfing through the internet. Having an animated video that shows exactly what your product does and explains how it will make your life easier, in the long run, it can be the difference between 10 sales and 100 sales.


To be successful in the world of consumerism and marketing, having a creative imagination comes with the territory. Just realising how beneficial an animated video can be for your company’s success is half the battle. Knowing how to use it in the most effective ways possible is what will make you successful and the team here at Squideo can help you do that.

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