Here's how your website could be affecting your results

In today’s current, online climate, standing out is more important than ever before. Here's how!

Date: 06/08/18

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Here's how your website could be affecting your results and conversions:

In today’s current, online climate, standing out is more important than ever before.

With the competition to ensure you snag those all-important sales; make those crucial, professional connections and maintain a high rank on the search engines higher than ever before; it is vital that businesses know exactly what they need to do to both maintain and boost results.

But how do you get started?

With so much to consider, many businesses are overwhelmed by the prospect of changing their entire business/marketing model to adapt to the current business environment online. The fact is, you don’t need to change everything.

Many organisations fail to realise that small, but effective changes can really increase your exposure online.

We must all adapt with the times, and in today’s society, video is that vital adaptation in which many businesses have become highly invested in.

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Video has many uses, but one of the key uses that many businesses fail to recognise is the impact video can have on your website. Heavily text-based websites do not appeal to those individuals who don’t have the time or energy to invest in reading through masses of content.

Video is the perfect solution to this.

A). Because it is a cost-effective way to ensure their audience is not turned off by the thought of reading large amounts of unnecessary text.

B). Because video is a vital part of any professional organisation’s marketing toolbox.

Your clients may already be invested in your product or service, but what about those new clients you’d like to bring on-board? Your potential prospects are not going to respond well to having to read five long, dull, paragraphs of text – explaining what you do.

No, not when they could find it quicker and easier from your competitors.

As humans, we are more inclined to be things that stimulate our senses. From sound to visuals, video is a perfect way to retain your audience’s attention while also sharing that information you want to get across.

By investing in a video, you’re not only going to increase your audience engagement, but a financial investment in video as a marketing tool also shows that you are serious about sharing your ideas with your audience, consequently increasing your credibility as a business.