Create the perfect, attention-grabbing 30 second video.

Condensing your content into 30 seconds isn't easy, so here are our handy tips.

Date: 04/04/19


We live in an extremely accessible world, where everything from news and entertainment through retail is available to us at the touch of a button. What this also means is that our attention spans are much, much shorter as everything we need is just a few clicks away! Now, this may seem like a huge problem if you are a digital marketer or business person who has a lot that you want to say to your audience; but it’s not all doom and gloom. Squideo are here to give you some useful advice on how to keep your audience’s attention, get your message across AND make a splash online. But ‘HOW?’ we hear you cry…. Well, through the power of video of course.


It’s very likely that your audience has several tabs open in their browser as they happen across your video. This means you have roughly around 8 seconds to make an impression that will hook them. This means you need an eye-catching video thumbnail (an image that teases at the content of your video and is visually engaging); a very snappy title and a short description. This winning combination will ensure your viewer will at the very least notice your video within the sea of online content.


Once the hook is set, consider the benefits of keeping your video short and to the point to accommodate for shortened attention spans. If you can condense your hook, message, and call to action into a 30-second video it is highly likely that the viewer will stick around for the entire video. Keeping in mind the incredibly short attention span of most internet users, creating a 30-second animated video not only will hold their attention for the video’s duration, but they will be more likely to retain the information they just gathered as well.


One thing we know for certain is that business owners and digital markers LOVE talking about their product/service. In fact, they believe every single USP deserves a spot in their animated video – and although your USPs may be super important, your audience doesn’t necessarily want to see them all crammed into a 5-minute-long video. Condensing all of what you have to say into 30 seconds may sound daunting, but that’s why you need to consider your viewer and what THEY want to see and hear.

Your website is the place where all of your content, USPs and information can be held, your social media video is simply a stepping stone to draw people over to the site. So, make sure you’re only putting the main and most important points out there. Keep in mind, the animations will add a lot to your video, on top of any words being spoken. With a lack of extra info or fluff, viewers are much more likely to be impacted and able to recall the information they just learned from your video.


Less is more in the case of using animated videos for marketing on social media. If your content is both eye-catching and attention-grabbing, your viewers will be more inclined to share your video with their friends and followers. Utilise the strategy of condensing the information that you want to share, to isolate the most important points for your viewers – as viewers aren’t likely going to share a video that they didn’t even take the time to watch fully. Hook your viewers in those first few seconds, and they will be likely to watch all 30 seconds of your well-made animated video.

Video is a powerful tool when used correctly. So, make sure you follow these rules, use your 30 seconds wisely, and you will watch your view rate rise before your eyes. If you want to get started on your very own video project, simply click the button below!