How to Create Successful Posts on Facebook

Squideo's Guide to Making a Splash on Facebook

Date: 12/04/19

A common misconception when it comes to social media marketing is that successful SMM is as easy as throwing up a post about your service or product, then simply sitting back and watching the sales, likes and comments roll in. Contrary to this misguided belief, there is a certain recipe which must be followed when it comes to building a great marketing post for a social media platform such as Facebook, and we're going to let you in on this tasty little recipe right here!

1. Set a measurable goal:

One of the first and most important ingredients in this recipe is setting your goal. If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve, then it’s fair to assume that your followers won’t have much of a clue either. So, whether your goal is to drive in more new traffic to your website, increase your engagements (comments, shares, etc.) with your social media posts, or just simply to spread the word about why people need your product in their lives – having a clear, measurable goal is the key to creating a successful Facebook post. Your goal can either be centered towards you and your business or it can be customer-focused. For instance, you could tell your audience that your goal is to reach 1,000 likes on your Facebook page by a certain date. Having a clear objective as to why you are posting on Facebook in the first place is an effective way to utilise Facebook marketing, gives you something to measure AND ensures your audience know where they stand.


2. Keep your posts short and concise: 

Quality over quantity is also an important factor when concocting the perfect Facebook marketing post. Research suggests that Facebook users, on average, have an 8-second attention span - meaning, they will not be interested in reading a 3-paragraph long post, no matter how much time and effort you put into writing it. You will find that writing a short, sweet post will be significantly more successful than a long-winded text-based post. This doesn’t mean that your post needs to be just the bare bones of what you have going on, it simply means that you need to be creative, use compelling language and exciting imagery to draw your viewers in to your post. A great way to ensure your posts are being digested in an effective way is by using video! You can get a quote for your very own video animation here.


3. Choosing the right content for your audience:

Posting on Facebook on behalf of your company doesn’t always have to involve a constant stream of promotions and advertisements. Many businesses tend to forget what social media platforms were actually created for – BEING SOCIAL! So, why not offer your audience useful or interesting content such as tips, or a behind the scenes looks at your business? Adding this type of content will add value to your social media presence, and will also help build trust with your followers by showing your audience the “human side” of the business. Interactive posts are also a brilliant way to boost your social media presence. Competitions, questions and polls are always extremely successful on Facebook as they give the audience a chance to participate, especially if the content they are interacting with is fun and engaging with some great prizes to be won! Check out our guide to running a successful social media competition over on


Creating engaging content to post on Facebook can be an incredibly effective way to promote your business as well as grow and engage with your audience. It’s definitely not rocket science, but by using our guideline you will be able to easily formulate the best and most effective content for Facebook.

We hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check back for more handy tips and advice!