Character Creation - Bring Your Ideas to Life

Introducing Squideo's Character Creation Service

Date: 25/09/19

Have you got some unique characters that you'd like to add to your video? Or would do you want to star in your own video? Or have you got a product that you'd like animating to be the star of the show? We can design, rig and animate your bespoke character to do just about anything. Best of all, you get to keep the design files to use your character within your marketing and beyond.

Can I have custom characters in my video?

It’s always great to put that personal touch to your videos, whether it’s introducing members of your team, profiling a specific audience demographic or bringing the office pet to the big screen.

Here at Squideo, our character creation experts have brought hundreds of unique, bespoke characters and products to life to personalise our client’s videos for specific needs and stand out from their competition.  We don’t just create your character’s image, we design their personality through the way they move and react. Let us help you deliver your message clearly and concisely with a bespoke animated character.


What are the benefits of custom characters?

Storytelling becomes so much easier with a character that you’ve invented. With an animated character, you hold the reigns to their story. Not only can you create a background story, but you could also create a problem for them to overcome in the video. Your product or service will be what saves the day in their world.

Animated characters have a way of pulling on the heart strings of the audience, more so than live action. The main character doesn’t have to look like someone from the target audience but instead, someone they wish they could be. This will help to motivate and convince your audience to go out and buy the service or product that your animated character did thus, wanting to achieve the same results that the animated character achieved.


How can I use custom characters?

Identification, the idea of creating a character that looks like your target audience. This allows your audience to feel represented by the character that you’ve created. This is very important, especially for kids, but can also be used for all ages, genders, races etc.

So if you want to create a character that will bring all the desired emotions out from your audience get creative with it; the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your character. Here at Squideo we can help you design your character and offer ideas and suggestions as to what will work best for you.