Case Study - Squideo & Cakesmiths

Working with the wonderful Cakesmiths

Date: 05/06/18


animated image of cakesmith's logo

Squideo had the pleasure of working with Cakesmiths on this inkredible new video advert, which explains their new venture to become an eco-friendly, sustainable company. It was great to work with these guys, and despite a couple of miscommunication issues when it came to the visual elements of the video, the Squideo team were able to work with the Cakesmiths team to produce a cool, engaging video which represented the brand in a positive and effective way. 

As noted in the video, single-use plastics are destroying our environment, the planet is becoming our dustbin. At Cakesmiths, the team are challenging their own thinking and practices by finding new ways to do their ‘bit’ for the environment… To find out more, watch the video below or visit!