Using Augmented Reality in Marketing

What is AR and why is it so successful in marketing? Let's find out!

Date: 25/03/19

Are you ready to take your marketing strategies to the next level, or even cooler, the next dimension? Thanks to advancements in augmented reality, you can now bring your advertisements to life before your audiences’ eyes with AR marketing tactics. As augmented reality becomes more mainstream in the marketing world, it’s best to know which practices will benefit your company and which ones will send you ten steps backward. Squideo are here to give the you the run down!

Between Pokémon Go and Snap Chat filters, augmented reality is making its mark on the digital world. Both platforms are excellent examples of how to use augmented reality in the right way. Although, in Pokémon Go’s case, marketing was not the overall goal. However, the concept of bringing the Pokémon characters into the real world led to an incredible marketing campaign naturally. Placing a digital character in a real environment is the way to go when using augmented reality in marketing. This is what will drive up the engagement factor.


The use of augmented reality in marketing shouldn’t just be for the novelty of the action. Augmented reality should be interactable, not just viewable. Creating an augmented reality that your audience can interact with as you sell them your brand will leave a longer lasting imprint on their memory, more so than your typical run of the mill advertisement.

When using augmented reality, as a marketer, you really get to let your imagination take over when developing your ideas. Ideas on what sort of reality manipulation that may be effective in marketing your brand, and what characters or interactions might be most effective. Nowadays it’s rare to come across someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Meaning, you’re not incredibly limited as to who your target audience may include.

Consider the use of lenses that make products wearable before purchase. Maybe you’re selling lipstick or eyeglasses. Customers want to know how your product will look on them before they pull out their credit cards. Giving your audience the option to virtually try on your product is possible and extremely convenient for them. Snapchat is one company who has implemented this in their filtered lenses. You’ll see various make-up themed filters where the user is able to scroll through multiple choices of color to be applied to their lips. This form of augmented reality is not only interactable but also actionable. Meaning viewers are so much more likely to make a purchase after interacting with your augmented reality.

Augmented reality isn’t just great for allowing users to try on makeup or glasses. You can also show your potential customers how your product will look in their home if you sell anything in the line of home décor for instance. IKEA has been utilising this strategy for a while now. That doesn’t mean you’re too late to jump on that bandwagon. The convenience that this form of augmented reality provides is unmatched and has unlimited possibilities.


When using augmented reality in marketing there are a few key points you want to keep in mind in the developmental stages. You want to create something that your audience can interact with, not just look at. Novelty is not the goal here. You want to create something fun and memorable for your audience.

Using augmented reality in your marketing will create a memorable experience for your audience that they will want to share with friends, family, or just anyone who will listen.

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