A Word From The Squideo Team

Get to Know the Squiddies

Date: 12/09/17

In honour of the new Squideo website, we wanted you guys to get to know the team a little better. So each Squiddy was given one question to answer... check out what they had to say...



What is your favourite thing about working here at Squideo? 

Callum – “My favourite thing about working for Squideo is the wild variety of projects to work on, there is always something different and it allows me to push my creative limits. Also, the table tennis is pretty great!”


Name one of your favourite video projects to date and tell us why it was your favourite:

Michaela - “The Sign Shed was one of my favourite projects as I had free reign to be creative"


Pick one word to describe every team member: 

Joe - "Tom - Memes, Callum - Sonic, Ben - Delusional, Adam - Toilet, Michaela - Serious, Chloe – Mad” (Thanks Joe!)


How have things changed since you joined the team? 

Chloe – “I joined the team when it was still in its infancy stage. There were only four of us on the team, now we have three more awesome video producers and tonnes of video orders coming in all the time. It’s great to be part of such an exciting, growing team.”


Where do you see Squideo heading in the future? 

Ben – “It’s all hands-on deck here, we have plans to expand the team and improving the product constantly is at the forefront of our action.”


Tell us a little about your role and what it involves: 

Adam - “I'm the account director for Squideo, so I'm usually the first point of contact. I'm busy assisting clients on our live chat, and I help gather the bits and bobs needed to get started on projects!”


What’s the worst thing about working at Squideo? 

Tom - “There's no real competition for me at Table Tennis…”