A Day in the Life of a Producer at Squideo

Here's a look at what we get up as a Producer.

Date: 25/02/19

Hi, I'm Harry, one of five video producers here at Squideo!

One thing that is consistent with every producer here at Squideo is how different each day is. One day you could be making a video for an estate agent and the next, a video for a brand-new arena. Creating something new every day is one thing I love about being a producer. Projects come in all different shapes and sizes; you can spend a couple days on one project and a month on another; however, each day something new is made or added to a brilliant final product.

Typically, our day starts at 9am with a quick brief meeting about what each of us are going to be doing that day, and what we aim to have achieved by the end of it. After the quick meeting we each start our day. As I previously mentioned what we do during the day can differ depending on what project we are on or what is priority. In the time lapse of me working, I'm spending the day on amendments; this is something we do regularly to make sure the videos are perfect for the clients.

At 1pm we all go for lunch, which means chess, Netflix, food and fun! At 2pm it's back to working on videos. A new thing we have started to implement at 4pm is amendments hour; this is an hour of every day dedicated to amendments on various projects. This hour helps producers keep on top of amends and signing off projects. At the end of the day, we have another quick debrief of what we have managed to achieve in the day and if we've succeeded or over exceeded. Then it's home time!

This is a typical day in the life of a producer. I personally love every day working at Squideo; from creating something new daily to having a laugh with my fellow producers. The love of creating a new video is something that I will never get tired off and can't wait to continue doing so in the future!

 This is a time lapse of me working for the day.