The 5 Most Effective Ways to Build Trust as an Online Brand

How to build a strong, trustworthy brand online.

Date: 14/10/19


Growing a business online can be incredibly lucrative if done correctly. With the worldwide web at everyone's fingertips, more often than not consumers do their research before doing business with an online brand that is new to them.

 Research includes digging deep into previous customers reviews, checking out the brand's social media platforms, and most importantly, visiting the brand's website to read their content.

 Building a strong, trusting relationship with customers with your online brand is crucial which is why we’ve compiled 5 actionable steps that will give your online brand what it needs to be trusted by consumers.


Create Quality Products and Content:


 Content marketing is essential when it comes to building a community online.

By using a combination of content from videos to blog articles - your audience can get to know who you are as a brand; enjoy your richly informative content and subsequently visit you in the future for even more interesting content.


Engage with Customers:


As a business, one of your key marketing goals is to get people to interact with your posts in the form of likes, comments and shares. But what keeps these users engaged? Well, when you like and comment back!

Talking to your followers and fans is a sure-fire way to gain trust as a brand. One way that you can start up a conversation is by encouraging feedback and engaging in a two-way conversation with your customers. You could ask them for a review of a product or service you have just launched. 


Provide Consistency:


          When planning your next marketing strategy, it's a good idea to stick within the same realm when it comes to style and color that your consumers are used to seeing with your brand.

This also goes for the tone of voice and personality that backs your brand within the content. For example, if you suddenly switch from a fun, quirky brand to a super-corporate one, your followers and fans may disconnect as this is not the brand they grew to know.


Set Good Standards and be Responsible:

company standards

 One way to ensure that people trust in your brand is to set standards - both internally and externally.

Most companies do have policies in place, for example, you may ask that all of your employees recycle their rubbish. By sharing the same standards with your clients/fans such as donating to a charity on world-recycling day or supporting a certain charity, your clients will begin to trust you based on your transparency and morals.          


Host Live Web-based Events:


Just like two-way written communication is crucial, so is live communication. Seeing the face of the person who is behind a trustworthy brand is a great way to build a good reputation with customers.

Hosting a live event such as a webinar or Q&A session can strengthen the trust between your audience and your brand as you are making them feel heard, validating their opinions on your brand.

             No doubt it is difficult to build a trusting relationship with consumers over the internet, but once you get the trust snowball rolling, the more you do to strengthen this trust, the faster it will roll.

There are several courses of action you can take to create a trusting relationship between your audience and your online brand and we hope that you will consider these 5 when you put your trust-building plan into action.